Access Control System: A Better Way Of Securing Your Business

Many businesses and building often contain assets that they wish to hide from public viewing in order to protect them from theft and keep them safe. Such assets are normally guarded by an efficient security system that only allows certain people to view it. This is known as access control. This known term is a selective restriction of a particular object, only allowing certain individuals with appropriate credentials and authorization to view the object.

Access control systems can normally be supervised and controlled by the staff of the building. A simple example of an access control system is the traditional lock and key system. This common method is inflexible since keys may be lost, stolen, and even copied. On the other hand, electronic access control systems are far more convenient.

What are electronic access control systems?

Electronic access control systems are a far more convenient and efficient method for providing security to businesses and buildings. All the parts that combine to form such a system can be programmed to perform certain tasks with relative ease. Furthermore, every single aspect of the system can be monitored independently by a computer that handles this job automatically.

An electronic access system can possess the following components:

  • Chip Keys Access Doors: Chip keys access doors are secured doors that can only be opened using a certain card with an electronic chip embedded in it. The machinery installed in the door recognizes the chip and allows access.
  • Camera Systems: CCTV cameras provide round the clock coverage of every single part of the building. The footage is stored on a computer and can be monitored at any time. Camera systems are essential for keeping an eye on things.
  • Keypad Access Locks: Keypad access locks have a small keypad attached right above the lock of the door. The design is such that only a certain combination can unlock the door and allow access. This is an efficient method of securing something for only a few people.
  • Push Sensor Doors: A relatively less secure accessory, a push sensor door opens when a certain button is pressed. This kind of door is suitable for rooms that do not require much security.
  • Iris Detection Systems: Such doors only opened once a person’s eye is scanned and their iris is matched with those stored in the system’s database.

The information gathered in such a system can be transmitted to an access control system that where the information is verified. Such systems provide simple processes of checking the input and providing an appropriate output.

How electronic access systems are better than lock and key systems

Electronic access control systems provide a far greater measure of security as compared to a lock and key systems. Chip keys, keypad codes, and especially eyes are information that cannot be lost or leaked easily, whereas a key can easily be duplicated. Furthermore, such access control systems are much easier to customize as compared to the lock and key systems. Instead of rekeying the locks of the entire building, just updating the database can help in improving security measures. Electronic access control systems are easily the best way of protecting your businesses and buildings.

To make sure you are getting the best protection and most professional system installation you want to make sure you hire the right people for the job. Like A reliable contractor or a professional locksmith company nearby with the right licenses and knowledge to complete the job meeting the right building codes and checkpoints to pass the fire department inspections for your business to be able to stay open for public.