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Car Theft in Arizona

While automobile thefts nationwide are down, Arizona’s automobile thefts are slightly up, 1% giving us a spot in the top ten states with vehicle thefts. 

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Safe Shopping

The holiday season is upon us, which means that pickpockets and thieves are on full-time status until after the new year. Security in malls and

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Securing Guns

Gun ownership is a hotly contested topic in today’s political discourse. Ut, owning a gun safe or lock can quickly curtail who has access to

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Types of Burglars

No one wants to have their home or business burglarized.  It’s insulting, unnerving, and costly. Burglars all have one thing in common: they don’t respect

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Transponder Keys

The days of shuffling through one’s purse or pockets to dig through for a keychain full of keys is fading away. Previously, car manufacturers would

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