Security Away From Home

One thing that happens as we navigate our lives is that security away from home can become an issue. All of our locks, alarms, and security systems do us no good once we leave our homes.

You may think of yourself as a person who takes security seriously, with things such as deadbolts, alarms, and other security devices. But, once we walk out the front door, our protection is no longer guaranteed.

Even aside from security for your vehicle, keeping our belongings somewhere outside of the home requires security measures and protocols. Knowing the best way to protect your property depends on your habits and hangouts.


Wherever you go, you’ll have items that require safeguarding. Whether it’s work, school, or play, we may choose to leave things in our cars. But, most of the year, it’s too hot to do so, nor do we want a thief to break a $365 window to snatch something innocuous such as a bowling bag.

Bringing items inside the building offers another problem: will they be safe in the locker or cubby? What if it’s something like belongings left in a storage facility?


Security isn’t just limited to the items we may carry with us daily, either. Whether it’s a motel or stateroom, there are always staff members who have keys. This puts us at a disadvantage even during a simple activity like taking in the sights or eating a meal.


If you choose to keep valuables anywhere other than your property, provide your family with documentation and the means to find and secure your items in the event something happens to you.

If you spend time living in a school or care facility, bringing specific valuables may be necessary. Whatever the reason, these have the potential to be security threats, so don’t carry them without the means to secure them. Choose carefully what to take with you when you leave home. Less is better since toting too much stuff can be distracting.

That fancy key card is useless if you leave your motel room door propped open.
  • Try not to leave anything you wouldn’t be willing to lose in a less-than-secure location
  • Add particularly valuable items that you must keep with you as a rider on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Don’t flash anything valuable around in public places.
  • Lock your things up with the utmost care: double-check padlocks, keep your stateroom locked, and don’t leave your gym bag unlocked, or your hotel window or door propped open when you go to the ice machine.
  • Use the hotel safe if you have anything you need to be secured when you travel.


When you find yourself away from home for any reason, don’t forget that home security remains essential. Set alarms. Use deadbolts. Check the doorbell and security notifications. Even though you’re the away team, you want to come home to find that your protection at home has been sufficient.

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