Securing Guns

Gun ownership is a hotly contested topic in today’s political discourse. Ut, owning a gun safe or lock can quickly curtail who has access to the gun owner’s firearms. Even the people who have regular access to the home, such as family members, cleaning people, home repair technicians, and babysitters, should never have access to a gun owner’s firearms unless he expressly permits them to do so.


Many states have laws requiring access restrictions on firearms. These laws vary widely. Even if you never have a break-in, having a gun safe promotes peace of mind.

If you do have a break-in, you may lose your firearms, but also, it is already guaranteed that they have fallen into evil hands. A responsible firearm owner never wants to have that happen. Not only would this create potential emotional problems (“Who has it? Will they kill someone with it?”), but also, if an incident does occur, you can be held liable for improperly storing your firearm, even if you dutifully reported the theft to the police.


Furthermore, insurance on firearms may require an appraisal, an additional rider to cover the actual value of your guns, and, in the end, won’t cover the replacement value, only the market value. If you have family guns, the sentimental value can never be recovered. Your insurance company may also demand that your weapon be kept in an alarmed, certified safe.


A gun safe is for life. Many other pieces of furniture will wear out or go out of style. A gun safe will outlast your new $3000 sofa, your dining room set, and even your car. Unfortunately, as a result, you have to ‘size for life.’ Meaning you can’t just buy a gun safe to cover your current firearms. You have to obtain a size to meet your future needs. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to buy another. It should also be noted that gun safes are typically bolted to the floor, so if you live in a rental, this won’t be possible.


You may wish to make sure your gun safe is also a fire-resistant safe. If a fire breaks out in your home, you won’t have time to collect valuables. A gun safe can also store quite a few other treasures, and they may be the only thing left if the fire is extensive. Some fire departments don’t try to save the home that is on fire. Their foremost goal is to keep the fire from spreading to neighboring houses. For the record, many gun safes do not have the level of fire protection needed, because most people buy a gun safe for access restriction. So, be very aware of precisely what you are buying, because you’re going to spend some money if you want your guns to be safe.


The best suggestion I’ve ever heard is if you want to keep your guns safer, have better whole-house protection. A quality alarm system, reinforced doors, secure garages, and other factors can add an excellent additional layer of protection against gun theft.

If you’re a gun owner, make sure your home is protected. We offer whole-home lock service and more. Give us a call!

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