How to Make Your Door Burglar-Resistant?

The sight of returning to a home that has been broken into is terrifying to every homeowner. A safe home is a top priority for most people, and keeping it protected from burglars is a challenge that homeowners face. Among all the home safety solutions undertaken, door security should be the top priority. Statistics prove that most burglars break into a house using either the front or back door. Having a highly secured burglar-resistant door is vital to protect your home from intruders.  

If increasing burglaries in the neighborhood worry you, making your door burglar proof is worth the investment. Your locksmith can help you do that.

Here are some of the most effective ways to make your door burglar-resistant:


Choosing the right material for the front and the back door is essential. Doors made out of cheap materials are hollow and can be easily kicked in. External doors should be made of robust materials like solid wood, metal, or fiberglass. The most common material for a front door is solid wood, but steel doors are secure and affordable. Fiberglass offers the advantage of both metal and wood doors. Make sure the exterior doors are windowless for safety. Also, avoid doors with glass panels, and if you have sliding glass doors, cover the glass with a solid grill. 


A door frame offers support for the door and the locks; therefore, a secure door frame is as essential to securing the door itself. A poorly constructed or installed door frame can be easily broken with little resistance. A burglar-resistant door frame should focus on the door jamb, doorstop, and the door head. Reinforce the jamb with steel placements for added security. Use door stops to prevent the door from being taken off its hinges. Fix a solid metal security plate firmly with three inches long deep screws. 


Selecting the right lock to complement the door is essential for burglar-resistant doors. Install a solid door with a high-grade deadbolt lock with no exposed screws and a throw bolt that is at least an inch long. Deadbolts can withstand great force and keep your home secure effectively. Replace or reinforce existing locks for maximum security. Make sure that you have a durable strike plate and guarded lock cylinders. Choose door locks with features like anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-snap. You can also opt for keyless entry locks over the traditional ones.  Keyed locks with top and bottom closures can secure sliding doors. You can hire a professional locksmith to help you keep your home safe by installing the most secure door locks.


Pair your burglar-resistant door with other security components like security cameras, motion-activated security lights, door alarm system, peep-holes, theft-proof hinges, and security screens. Position these effectively for additional security.

Doors are the first line of defense, and safeguarding the front and back door is essential for long-term security and peace of mind. The key to a burglar-resistant door is its strength and the strength of the surrounding components. It deters intruders and prevents unfortunate incidents.

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