Layers in Your Home Security

Your home security is dependent on many layers. Security systems, deadbolts, and secure locking mechanisms all help, but there are some additional security measures which can sometimes be easy to overlook. Today, we’re going to review some of the ways you can strengthen suitable security measures with wise security behavior.


Whether it’s the delivery man with the oversized package, the door-to-door phone sales rep, or the contractor’s apprentice, not everyone who comes to your door is honest. Most times the victims of theft already know the perpetrator. So, smile and be watchful, careful what is left out in the open or visible from the front door or any area where workers will be at hand.


Identity theft is the new gold rush, and documents are a crucial method of obtaining the means to steal it. A fireproof safe provides the means to keep relevant documents secure. A shredder makes bank statements and utility bills harder to use to compromise security. Keep a paper copy of the front and back of all debit and credit cards in your safe, and leave another in a secure location available to a trusted friend or family member. If they get stolen, having the numbers and telephone numbers to call in one place is incredibly helpful.


PINs and passwords have become the mainstay of electronic banking. Trying to remember all of them can be difficult, so some people write them down. Not only that, but they often carry them in their purse or wallet, exponentially increasing the possibility of having them stolen.

If you use a particular device for banking, never use the email account associated with that device for a ‘password reset.’ Use an email on an unrelated device, which will make it harder for thieves to reset your password and wipe out your bank account or credit card. Keep a watchful eye on debit and credit card transactions, so if a theft does occur, it doesn’t slide under the radar.


More people are dying from drug overdose than ever before. All medications, but particularly those with life-threatening properties, should be kept in a safe place. The medicine cabinet isn’t a safe place anymore. Nor is the average purse. A locking medicine lockbox is one of the options available if you don’t own a good safe. But, over 60% of teens who abuse prescription drugs say they were readily available at home, and sometimes it’s over the counter medications and accidental.


Power tools and even hobby tools can be a significant investment. Keep your garage locked at all times and consider engraving tools with your telephone number or your address. This comes in handy if a friend or relative borrows something and forgets who loaned it to them, as well.

Many little security behaviors can add up to a strong protection network for your property and family. If you need a reliable locksmith, call us. We can help!

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