Mobile Automotive Locksmith Services

We have all been through a time at least once in our life when we either locked ourselves out of the car with the keys inside or completely misplaced the car keys. Lost car keys are a common everyday story. But guess what, we’re here to save the day! Get your car key made in no time by simply contacting us.

Quick and professional service

We offer mobile service so you can get your car key made on the spot. You will not have to tow your car or be worried about reaching us. Simply give us a call and let us know that you’ve lost car keys. The rest is on us. We will quickly get to you. Our on the spot service will help you get your car key made in front of your eyes at very affordable prices. Our service is available for almost every car. No matter which area you are in or what kind of key you want, we have got your back!

The common issues we can help with

One of the most common issues is losing the car key. You may have misplaced it, dropped it somewhere and the possibilities are endless. However, in such a case, you don’t have to be late for your urgent meeting. We’ll quickly come to you and make new keys to replace your lost car keys. Another issue is locking you out of the car. Again, we’ll make a duplicate key to help you. Sometimes, we even manage to unlock the car without having to make a new key. This way you get a cheap getaway and quick service.

The more complicated issues that aren’t as common but we can help if you go through them include broken keys. Now, one scenario is breaking the key outside of the ignition keyhole. A simple new key will be the solution in that case or we may be able to repair it too. However, some people even get their key broken and stuck inside the car, sometimes while the engine is ignited! We won’t just quickly make a new key for you in such a case, we’ll also remove the broken bit. Our tip here is to not try to do it yourself. Some people attempt to use things like superglue to get the broken bit out, but trust us here, it is super risky. Give us a call so we can professionally take care of the issue. We may be able to repair the broken key without the need for a new one.

Sometimes, the only solution in any of these scenarios is to get a new key from the distributor. These are expensive and time-consuming. You’ll have to secure your car somewhere and then head to the distributor to request your new key. However, it is better if you give us a call before you head on for such a hectic route. It is highly likely that our services will be able to offer a quicker and cheaper alternative. Give us a call to avail ours on the spot and professional mobile automotive locksmith service!