Rekey your lock instead of replacing it?!

Lately there is a talk about Changing the locks instead or rekeying them when people move in to a new house or a new office, when the lock is damaged and when people loose their house keys or their store keys. Sometimes changing the locks is necessary and sometimes, which is more often the case, changing the locks is not necessary at all but rekeying them is the right solution. Rekey the house door locks or rekey the business door locks is a simple job of replacing just the parts that is interacting with the key itself which called pins. In almost all of the cases it is cheaper than changing the locks and its better also because you can get one key to fit all rekeyed locks.


Rekeying your house locks yourself is possible and this days many lock companies make DIY kits that will guide you how to rekey a house lock step by step, with new set of 2 keys, you can find them at your local home improvement stores like WalmartHome Depot and Lowe’s. some people are DIY people and like the challenges in improving their home themselves. if you are a basic handyman with some tools it could be a nice project for you. if you have a little more complicated locks then the standard in the market i will advice you to leave the job for the professionals. some people will need to rekey more then 2 locks to the same key and in that case you definitely want to contact a Local Locksmith if you don’t have one in your contacts already.


If your lock is not operating properly, rekeying the lock is not the solution. it can happened from many reasons like old rusty locks that got worn with the years, “Old Time” locks can bring special problems since it is hard to find replacement part for them this days. in most cases a professional locksmith can determine should the lock need to be replaced or should the lock can be repaired and reused again.

Improving your home security locks and system is important, in some cases it wont even make sense financially to Rekey the house locks. You need to invest more money in improving your locks if you have low quality locks in the house so to rekey them will only make you spent more money on locks that doesn’t give you even enough security for what you pay. Contacting Your locksmith or A Local Locksmith will help you understand where you are standing in regards of security in your house and he can help you choose the best option for you including all of the specifications and your needs for the security of your Home.