Say Hello To Your New Keys. It’s A Remote

Why a remote? Back in the day, we used to worry about Losing Our Keys as teenagers and trying to find the right way to tell the parents but back then the key was just a simple key – it opened the door, started the car and that’s it. Easy to replace with a few different ways to make a key and not so costly. Now with the growing threat or Auto theft, the car manufacturers have been making their way to providing the most secure keys for the car they make.

Installing an Anti-Theft system in the car that requires programming the right key to sync with the computer of the car in order to start the car or even open it in some cases, basically Small Remotes that doing the job of a key.


There are Pros and Cons in this advanced era in the Automotive industry. For example, losing an intelligent key these days will require a little more effort from you to find the right Professional Locksmith that will be able to make a replacement key for your vehicle.


You can always contact the Dealership whom you have purchased the vehicle from but it will cost you, replacement car keys won’t cost $50-80 anymore, the intelligent car keys require special microchips inside the key and special programming which made the cost go from $150-350 and even more on some keys.

Locksmiths, on the other hand, is not a cheap solution as well, considering the fact the Locksmith have the right tools and equipment to perform the job and make a replacement key for your vehicle, the cost will be pricey as well. Dealer tools and locksmith tools are different and require each business to invest a lot of money in this equipment which makes the cost to make a replacement key higher with the progress of the technology inside this key.

Finding the right Locksmith will be your job, reliable, honest and trustworthy. you want to make sure you get a fair price for the service you need and a professional job is performed. Contact local locksmiths that will have a good reputation and ask friend and relatives if they can refer you to one they already had a good experience with.