Summer Road Trip Security

With summer fast approaching, many families will be in the process of planning a summer road trip. One of the things we want you to take with you is your security smarts. So we’ve compiled a list of security essentials to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.


Copy your ID’s and credit cards, front and back, and leave a copy at home along with a copy of your expected route with a relative or trusted friend. Some travel experts recommend having a copy of your credit card numbers and the cancellation number with you, in case your cards get stolen, but if you do that mix the numbers up in some manner, as explained here.

Take pictures of all jewelry and valuables if they aren’t things you can leave at home.


Make sure your car is ready. Here is a sample of things that should be checked before leaving.

Take plenty of water and a good spare tire in your car. Even if you have road service, it might be difficult or particularly expensive to get the tire you need in a hurry.

Use your GPS but have a planned route for when you encounter ‘no service’ areas. Using a GPS for general directions will frequently tip you off to things like construction and unfortunate accidents, though, so use both for best results.

Start watching the weather along your route a week to ten days before you travel so you can get a fair idea of trends and pack

accordingly. If it starts raining, consider pulling off the road until it stops. We Arizonans aren’t that good at driving in the rain because we lack practice.


Keep your car locked whenever you leave it, even if you’re popping into a convenience store. Make sure valuables are hidden, including if you’re going to be away from the vehicle for a short time.

Watch out for shady-looking characters: don’t park in a place where you’re forced to walk by them, and don’t engage them if they try to speak to you or ask you to read something. This is usually a ruse to distract you while he or someone else robs you.

Watch your body for signs of dehydration and fatigue. Switch drivers often and don’t plan for one driver to be behind the wheel for more than a few hours at a time.

Keep your gas tank on the top side. An app like GasBuddy to show you where the local gas stations are located.

Keep alert for drunk drivers, dogs in the road, and construction. Did you know that construction causes more distracted driver accidents than texting?

Make sure you know where you’re going. The Marriott Bayview is not the same as the Marriott Garden, even though they might be right across the street from each other.

Don’t text and drive.

If you need a locksmith before or after your trip, keep us in mind.

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