What to Do If You got Locked Outside of the House?

You just got back from the supermarket and you have locked yourself outside the house after putting the first bag inside. Your favorite Ice cream is melting in the trunk and the chicken for the big dinner is siting there as well getting “Cooked” by the hit of the pounding sun.

The Kids are in the back sit screaming and crying because they are tired from the trip to the supermarket. the video of the iPhone doesn’t interests them anymore and they are cranky.

You are late for a company meeting then you also realized that this lockout outside of the house has the worst timing ever!!!

The stomach is making weird noises after the long day, the piece of pie from the morning is long gone with the energy of running around with the kids and buying groceries to the house.


  • Always carry a Spare house key in the car, incase you will lock yourself outside the house you can still be saved by the key in the car.
  • Put a spare house key in a fake rock around the house to make sure you can count on it when you get locked out side the house.
  • Make sure you have a good Local Locksmith Near You and be sure to put his contact number saved in your phone or even carry his business card in your purse. also important to check before you choose your Locksmith is that he provides Emergency Locksmith Services like the one time you needed it when you locked yourself outside your house.