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B1 Locksmith Pros have customers that range from renovation companies using our services for long-term projects to individuals needing a 1-time job in Sun Lakes, AZ.

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The number one priority for any business is safety and security. High-security locks are an important aspect of any business’ security system as they assure a robust defense against intruders and help to protect keys from unauthorized copies. It’s important to keep your business under lock and key after hours, making it inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Hiring a reputable commercial locksmith such as B1 Locksmith is the best way to accomplish this goal.

When you work with a professional, licensed locksmith, you gain immediate access to years of experience. Not only that, but we also provide only the highest quality parts in hardware, including trusted brands such as Schlage, AdamsRite, Von Dupin, Hager, and Kaba.

If you need a locksmith for your retail, industrial or commercial property, trust the licensed pros at B1 Locksmith. we are committed to helping our business clients create a more secure environment. As such, we belong to several professional associations such as the Fountain Hills Locksmith Association, Greater Fountain Hills Locksmith Association, and 1-800-Unlocks. Belonging to professional associations and directories helps us stay at the top of our game and offer our services to a wider pool of local businesspeople.

What Does a Commercial Locksmith Do?

Business locksmiths not only open and change locks, but they also help with several services that may include new installation of high-security locks, electronic locks, exit devices, and master key systems. Additionally, B1 Locksmith is a 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith service, providing comprehensive locksmith services to Fountain Hills, Fountain Hills, and the surrounding areas.

Partner with B1 Locksmith if you are looking for a great service from an affordable locksmith. Our professionals can deal with any security issue and completely understand the needs of industrial and commercial requirements. So, come to us first for jobs as simple as a hinge replacement or the installation of crash bars to more complicated projects such as installing handicap accessible master key control systems.

Master Key Systems To Control Keys

With a master key system, there is no need to carry a big bundle of keys. Instead, our commercial locksmiths provide you with a master key you can use to unlock all the security systems for your business.

Rekey Locks To Revamp Security

If you want to replace the locks on the doors of your property, locksmiths also provide commercial lock replacement. The best option for doing so is to get them rekeyed, and you don’t have to change the entire locking system. Lock rekeying provides you with new keys to match your reconfigured locks. This can be an efficient and smart way to replace locks without the need to uninstall the entire lock system and purchase new locks.

High-Security Locks For Office Doors

There are certain areas of your commercial premises that require high-end security locks, like entry door locks, where inventory or data is stored. Commercial locksmiths can meet all your requirements and also recommend locks that are secure and difficult to break.

Electronic Locks and Panic Devices

Electronic locks are a common fixture in office spaces these days. These systems unlock doors manually or automatically and include push-button locks and keyless entry. Use them to control the operation of specific doors inside your building.

Panic devices are really helpful for emergency exits and are made for fast and easy release in unusual circumstances. The installation of panic bars is over emergency exits and they cannot be operated from the other side of the doors.

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