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B1 is a local Tempe locksmith that serves the Tempe and the surrounding areas. Saab cars originated in Sweden and they have closed the company in 2011 so there are no more new Saab cars being produced. This makes Saab cars to be rare and only a few dealers are capable of making keys for a Saab. The dealer will charge way too much money for Saab car locksmith work, but Apex is here to help! Our professional technicians have worked on Saab cars for more than 10 years. Our local locksmiths can make a duplicate Saab car key or make a key from scratch for your Saab. We can provide non-transponder Saab keys, high security transponder Saab keys, and proximity remote keys for your Saab.

Proximity Remote Key Fob Programming for Saab


Latest-model Saab cars were equipped with a proximity remote key fob that allowed for keyless entry. Saab car keys transmit a signal to communicate with the car in order to unlock the doors and the trunk. This type of signal is also used when turning on the car which means that even when you have the correct key to insert into the ignition it will not start the car. The only way the car can start is if the remote is properly programmed into the car’s system so there is successful communication between the the key fob and the car.

High Security Transponder Key for Saab


Most of Saab cars produced from the year 2000 and on have transponder chips inside the key. Even though its a metal key that needs to be inserted into the ignition it also contains a chip hidden inside the plastic cap. This chip must communicate with the cars system in order to start the car. For example if you have a transponder Saab car key and you make a copy of it at a store then this key will go inside the ignition, however it will not start the car. The chip must be programmed into the car in order for it to turn on the car.

Saab key fob


Supported Saab Models


  • Saab 9-3
  • Saab 9-5
  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9-7X
  • Saab 9-4X
  • Saab 9-2X
  • Saab 9-X Air

Laser Cut Metal Saab Keys For Saab


The first Saab cars were made in 1949 and it is no surprise that these cars used a simple metal key to start. Usually Saab cars that were made before the year 2000 only used metal keys which do not have any chips. Our professional automotive locksmiths will use a laser cutter to make a duplicate key or they can re-key the existing ignition and make a key from scratch. You will be able to use the same key to lock and unlock the doors as well as start your Saab!

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