Be Smart with Smart Security

In 1990, The Simpson ran an episode entitled, “Homer’s Night Out’, in which his son Bart gets a ‘spy camera’ in the mail (after months of waiting and a hilarious exchange with the mail carrier). We all laughed at the tiny size of his camera, never realizing that in a few short years, technology would make spy cameras as tiny or tinier than Bart’s camera, and with higher-quality results.


George Orwell aside, when a stranger starts creeping around your property while you’re not home, you want to know who they are and what they’re doing. If you’re in Milwaukee on business, that doesn’t have to stop you from being aware of what’s going on at home.

Security camera, whether they be a smart doorbell or motion-activated cameras, can offer you that security.

Thieves aren’t stupid: they know people who have security signs in their front window may or may not have security. They also know that if they get caught on camera, the game is up; facial recognition software has made a tremendous impact on the ability of law enforcement to catch up with criminals.


As a homeowner, all you have to do is set your property up with any kind of camera, and it will notify you in the event someone breaches the perimeter you’ve set up as part of your security.  An alert on your cell phone can be instantaneous. In the case of a smart doorbell, you can talk to your visitors without revealing your location.

In the case of a smart doorbell, some of them start photographing your visitors before they even ring the bell. In the rear of the property, the best-case scenario is motion-activated cameras.


For around $200, you can get a basic security system with the ability to add features. This is a no-contract, self-monitored system which alerts you instantly if a target comes within range.

The point of this is that you have the opportunity to be proactive in your security monitoring. It’s another layer of your security, and a particularly formidable one, since, even when cameras are destroyed, the pictures of the perpetrators still exist on your phone.

A burglar who actually wants to enter your home is going to be able to do so. But, your goal is to make it so difficult, so dangerous for him to do so, that he’ll decide there are easier pickin’s and go on his way.

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