Transponder Keys

The days of shuffling through one’s purse or pockets to dig through for a keychain full of keys is fading away. Previously, car manufacturers would require a car key for the ignition and a separate key for the door locks.


Newer vehicles now have transponder keys and push-button start remotes. Keys can remain in a pocket or the purse and never even need to be removed to unlock the doors of the vehicle. One hand can carry groceries, and the other hand can manage a toddler to keep the child from running into the parking lot. Push the button on the key fob or pull the door handle with the keys nearby, and voilà! The door opens. This feature is incredibly handy for young parents or anyone else with only two hands.


In addition to the convenience of not needing to pull out a handful of keys, a push button start system is also an excellent anti-theft deterrent. This key fob which can remain in a purse or pants pocket needs to be near the vehicle as it broadcasts a signal to the car’s computer. To start the engine, One foot needs to be on the brake of the vehicle while the vehicle is in park and the button will start the car.


This particular vehicle starting system has a leg up on anti-theft because keys cannot be duplicated at the hardware store. The individual fob syncs directly with a specific car computer, not a similar make or model.

The one drawback of the push-button start system is while the engine is running, without the physical removal of the key from the ignition, a person may not realize their car continues to run which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Most car manufacturers have taken steps to fix this. When the key fob exits the vehicle, it will sound an alert letting the owner know that the engine is still running. If the car does not have a warning, take great care in ensuring the vehicle is shut off before parking in a garage.


Another key fob feature on some vehicles is a remote start function. A remote starter is also an individual key fob, but with a button on the fob to start the car. The advantage of this feature is you can start the vehicle from inside the house before leaving home. The car will have enough time to cool off in the hot summer heat, or if it’s a chilly night, the temperature can be on and make the car comfortable. A remote start system can b

purchased and installed at a repair shop, but make sure that a mechanic is highly recommended and trusted.

A keyless fob is incredibly handy, for not only avoiding searching through an oversized diaper bag for a set of keys but for keeping the family vehicle safe and sound.

If you are interested in a system like this, need a transponder key or something else, talk to your locksmith to learn more.

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